ShiftBio is happy to announce to become the winner of the GRaND-K competition!

25 Oct 2021

'GRaND-K Startup School' is an audition-type startup support program that was held to increase the interest in startups in Korea hosted by Hongneung Gangso Special Zone Project Group, KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), Kyung Hee University, and Korea University. In this prestigious program, ShiftBio placed first among more than 60 teams in total and became the winner of the Grand Prize.

The picture from the 'GRaND-K Startup School' awards ceremony. (from left to the right) CEO of K-GRaND Ventures, Hoon Cho Nam, Vice President of ShiftBio, Dr. Gi-hoon Nam, and Principal of Startup School, Ki-Taek Jeong. Provided by KIST

After the results were declared, ShiftBio received letters of intent from many investment institutions. This success had a great impact on the Korean media as well. You can browse the news details from the links below.

The program started with 11 domestic investment institutions confirming the preliminary investment review for the winning team. 64 teams selected through the written evaluation completed the six-time common entrepreneurship education, including successful cases of startups in each field and investment practice, and 45 teams among them participated in the competition.

As the ShiftBio family, we sincerely congratulate our representative in the competition, Executive Vice President/COO Dr. Gi-hoon Nam, and all the other participants for their effort and dedication.

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