NEWSSHIFTBIO INC is thrilled to join the Seoul-Basel Start-up program this November!

18 Oct 2023

We are delighted to announce that SHIFTBIO INC has been selected for the 'Seoul-Basel Startup Hub Acceleration Program.' This program is a collaborative initiative between Seoul Biohub and the University of Basel to foster a global expansion of promising bio-startups. The final selected companies are SHIFTBIO INC, LMNTIC Biotech, Illimis Therapeutics, Fortuga Bio, and Progeneer, a total of five companies. 

In light of this, SHIFTBIO INC will get exclusive opportunities, including mentorship from business experts and collaboration with global research institutes & biopharma. The program, spanning one month, will consist of two weeks online and two weeks on-site in Basel. 

Stay tuned for updates on SHIFTBIO's journey!