NEWSDr. Gi-Hoon Nam joined as a speaker at 'The 24th World Knowledge Forum'

22 Sep 2023

We are delighted to announce that Gi-Hoon Nam, CEO of SHIFTBIO, was invited as a speaker at the 'World Knowledge Forum' for the second consecutive year. The event took place on September 14th, as part of the 24th World Knowledge Forum, which centered around the theme "Techno Big Bang: Humanity on the Shoulders of Giants."

Dr. Nam participated as a speaker in the ‘K-Startups, the Unparalleled Innovators’ session, discussing SHIFTBIO’s technology, deal-making strategies, and the formulation and execution of SHIFTBIO’s exit strategies. The session, designed to support Korean Startups in entering the global market, was led by Jenny Chu, CEO of Korea Conference. In addition to SHIFTBIO INC., RNR INC, Mind AI, and SP&E, all selected as supported companies by the Korea Conference, also participated as speakers.

* The World Knowledge Forum is a global forum initiated to pursue balance global growth and prosperity through knowledge sharing, was held from September 12 to September 15 for four days at The Shilla Hotel in Seoul.