NEWSDr. Gi-Hoon Nam, CEO of SHIFTBIO: Joined two consecutive years as speaker at 'The 5th Exosome Based Therapeutic Development Summit' in Boston

14 Sep 2023

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Gi-Hoon Nam, the CEO of SHIFTBIO, had the honor of serving as a speaker for two consecutive years at 'The 5th Exosome Based Therapeutic Development Summit', held in Boston.

Dr. Nam presented SHIFTBIO's revolutionary platform technology. Numerous therapeutic candidates bear commercialization challenges due to the limited in vivo delivery and low targetability.  As a solution, SHIFTBIO has introduced an innovative platform technology that makes it druggable. Dr. Nam unveiled recent data that underscores the promising anti-fibrotic efficacy of SHIFTBIO's lead program, SIRP-NV (SBI-102). Furthermore, SHIFTBIO introduced its second program, HIF1a-NV, for the first time at this event.

During the summit, global Extracellular Vesicle (EV) companies had the invaluable opportunity to exchange and deliberate upon pivotal insights into the outcomes of EV therapeutic clinical trials and large-scale EV manufacturing. 

SHIFTBIO is committed to pioneering the development of a groundbreaking pharmaceutical by utilizing its promising Natural Nanoparticle technologies. The ultimate objective of SHIFTBIO is to bring a paradigm shift within the global biopharmaceutical industry.