NEWS[Triumphant Success at Korea Conference] A Star Wars of Startups

22 Aug 2023

[Triumphant Success at Korea Conference] A Star Wars of Startups

Eight Innovative Korean Startups light up the ‘Korea Conference' in Los Angeles.

The Korea Conference, a launchpad for groundbreaking Korean startups aiming to debut in the U.S. market, was successfully hosted at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on August 17.

The Korea Conference aims to bridge promising Korean companies with global investments and partnerships. The conference was graced by the presentations of representatives from eight innovative Korean startups spanning diverse industries and participation from over 200 industry investors, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs. This event was preceded by an inaugural networking soiree aboard the Fanta Seaone Yacht on the evening of August 16.

The distinguished Korea Conference Advisory Board members were introduced during the opening ceremony. Jose Feliciano, owner of the English Premier League (EPL) club Chelsea; Jason Cowett, co-founder of Odyssey, a global investment firm specializing in the aerospace industry; Tom Lawrence, chairman of the Eden Club, an exclusive membership for the world’s wealthiest individuals; Prince Lorenzo de Medici of the Medici family of Florence, Italy; and Michael Riady, advisor to Indonesia’s state-owned Lippo Group.

During the event, the eight startups took the stage to present their innovative business proposals. SHIFTBIO showcased its pioneering platform technology, Nanovesicle Sorting Motif (NSM), designed to enable the loading and expression of therapeutic molecules on the nanovesicle (NV) platform. SP&E unveiled a groundbreaking combination of fire extinguishing and smoke elimination solutions. RNR presented Monoplex & Cine Marketplace, KeyPair introduced its Encrypted Automated Liquidity Pool Management system, VitaBon shared its Nicotine vaping substitute, MindAI introduced a sophisticated Multi-level AI language model, Art in Motion Labs showcased NFT-based content creation, and Daeyoung Chaevi unveiled smarter and more efficient approaches to Electric Vehicle charging.

A distinguished panel of six judges evaluated the presentations based on three key criteria: content quality, entertainment value, and presentation skills. As a result, SHIFTBIO clinched the coveted first-place position among the competitive lineup of eight startups. The event culminated with the participating startups engaging in substantive discussions with potential investors, paving the way for promising future collaborations.

Jenny Chu (3rd from right, front row), CEO of Korea Conference, poses for a photo with global investors from various sectors around the world at an inaugural networking soiree aboard the Fanta Seaone Yacht, which set sail from Marina del Rey on August 16.

Gi Hoon Nam, the presenter, and CEO of SHIFTBIO INC, won first place at the Korea Conference.

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