NEWSSHIFTBIO INC. has initiated a joint research collaboration with the global enterprise Dassault Systems on an “AI-driven Cell-Free Nanotherapy Platform Technology.”

30 Jun 2023

SHIFTBIO INC. has initiated a joint research collaboration with the global enterprise Dassault Systems on an 

“AI-driven Cell-Free Nanotherapy Platform Technology.”

The integration of innovative drug development technology with Dassault Systems’ Insilico computer modeling technology is expected to shift the paradigm.

Dassault Systems acknowledged the significant value of SHIFTBIO INC’s platform technology.

Through the collaboration of SHIFTBIO INC’s pioneering drug development technology and the distinguished AI technology of Dassault Systems, a prominent global enterprise, a new ‘AI-driven Cell-Free Nanotherapy platform’ will be initiated.

In April 2023, SHIFTBIO INC joined the Presidential Economic Delegation’s visit to the United States and visited Dassault Systems in Boston. During the visit, discussions were held regarding the AI-driven drug development platform that maximizes the strengths of both companies. Following ongoing deliberation, joint research for innovative AI-driven drug platform technology development commenced on June 19, 2023.

Dassault Systems, a global enterprise that stands at the forefront of Digital Transformation, is the leading company in the field of 3D virtual simulation technology, with an annual revenue of 5B USD. Their esteemed technology is applied across various industries, including construction and urban planning, automotive, mobility, and life sciences. Their cloud-based integrated platform ‘Medidata,' offers a clinical trial solution that comprehensively supports the entire clinical trial process. Additionally, their science software ‘BIOVIA’ provides modeling simulation, and informative solutions, delivering seamless support throughout the entire cycle of the life sciences industry, from molecule discovery to commercialization and manufacturing.

The initial collaboration between the two companies began with a meeting between Bernard Charlès, Chairman of Dassault Systems, and Gi-Hoon Nam, CEO of SHIFTBIO INC, in the winter of 2022. During this meeting, Chairman Bernard Charlès acknowledged the distinctive and superb Cell-Free Nanotherapy Platform Technologies of SHIFTBIO INC. As a result, in the year 2023, during SHIFTBIO INC’s revisit as a part of the economic delegation, discussions regarding joint research between SHIFTBIO INC and Dassault Systems were able to process.

SHIFTBIO INC’s Cell-Free Nanotherapy Platform Technologies, which attracted the attention of Dassault Systems, is a novel drug delivery platform technology that can potentially address the limitations associated with cell and gene therapies.

The “Natural Nanoparticles (including Nanovesicles)” are naturally generated within the human body. In contrast to artificial lipid nanoparticles, they have reduced immune side effects and can be utilized in smaller amounts, and can be delivered to any major organs in the body. However, despite their ability to target various major organs, they are still facing challenges in the efficient loading and expression of therapeutics.

Nonetheless, SHIFTBIO INC has elucidated the mechanism that which specific amino acid sequences are incorporated into the natural nanovesicles during the biogenesis. By that, SHIFTBIO INC derived the pattern of specific amino acid sequences that are selectively inserted into the lipid bilayer membrane of nanoparticles. By utilizing this sequence pattern, the Cell-Free Nanotherapy Platform Technologies has developed, which empowers the efficient loading of promising therapeutics agents such as proteins and genes into the natural nanoparticles with utmost precision and desired amounts.

Furthermore, the integration between SHIFTBIO INC and Dassault Systems’ Insilico platform technology serves as a strategic approach to accelerate the realization of this groundbreaking technology in a safer and more efficient manner. The collaborative development of an AI-driven drug development platform by both companies is expected to bring a significant paradigm shift to the field of natural nanoparticle-based drug development, surpassing the limitations associated with cell therapies.

Along with the successful development of this technology, Dassault Systems plans to establish the world’s first “Biotech Innovation Lab” in South Korea, which is currently under discussion with the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. This initiative represents a significant partnership with the government to foster the growth of domestic biotech ventures and enhance collaboration with the global biotech market.  It may expand to strategic support, investment, and tech transfer to SHIFTBIO INC and contribute to the advancement of the biotech industry.

Furthermore, Jae-Gu Yoo, CEO of Medidata Korea, expressed his delight in the recent collaboration. He further emphasized that “Since last year, we have been pursuing this joint research which is driven by acknowledgment of the exceptional superiority of SHIFTBIO INC’s Cell-Free Nanotherapy platform technology and its innovative potential within the pharmaceutical market. Integrating Dassault Systems’ AI technology, which has already been validated and possesses extensive data, and SHIFTBIO INC’s innovative nanotherapy platform technology is anticipated to bring a new paradigm shift in the field of nanotherapy platform technologies. Undoubtedly, this collaboration has the significant potential to become a game-changer in the rapidly growing market of cell and gene therapies.”

Gi-Hoon Nam, CEO of SHIFTBIO INC, stated, “Until now, SHIFTBIO INC has devoted its endeavors to establishing the robust patent portfolio for our platform technology and enhancing its technological feasibility. Nevertheless, we believe that the present moment is opportune for us to widely promote and expand the utilization of our technology through collaborations with domestic pharmaceutical companies and global enterprises. Collaborating with Dassault Systems, a company that possesses the requisite infrastructure and network, marks a significant milestone for SHIFTBIO INC in our pursuit of global expansion. With this foundation, we are determined to accelerate the development of innovative therapeutics that will bring about a transformative paradigm shift in the field of cell and gene therapies.”

[Meeting between Chairman Bernard Charlès of Dassault Systems and SHIFTBIO INC.]

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