NEWS"Why to use EVs as the CD47 blockade?"

27 Oct 2022

Many people ask, "Why to use EVs as the CD47 blockade?"

And here is the answer to this.
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Prof. In-San Kim, SHIFTBIO INC’s co-founder, and his research team showed the superiority of the SIRP-EV (Extracellular Vesicle expressing signal regulatory protein alpha) and published in the ‘JCR (Journal of Controlled Release (IF=11.467))’ in October 2022.

By expressing SIRP protein, the CD47 blockade, as a form of membrane protein on the EV, overcame the preexisting anti-CD47 antibody’s side effects, such as anemia, thrombocytopenia, and other blood toxicity. Furthermore, it showed the bright possibilities of RBC being utilized as the delivery vehicle of SIRP-EV.

Moreover, SIRP-EV can be endocytosed with CD47 clustered on the 50-200nm lipid rafts, thereby reducing CD47 expression of the cells. This unique mechanism is proved to be more potent compared to conventional CD47 blockade.

Based on this, SHIFTBIO INC is confident with SBI-102, the core pipeline which will be the game changer of CD47 blockade therapeutics.