NEWSSHIFTBIO INC announced the detailed realization plan upon The SBI-102 and the Intrinsic Nanovesicle-based platform technology

20 Oct 2022

‘The 4th Exosome Based Therapeutic Summit’ was held, and global biopharmaceutical companies have joined from all over the world

"SHIFTBIO INC’s inventive platform technology will raise competitiveness in the global biopharmaceutical market"

SHIFTBIO INC’s overwhelming intrinsic nanovesicle-based drug platform technology had taken its first step with the leading biotechnology companies, which entered the global market ahead.

Gi-Hoon Nam MD. PhD., a Co-Founder of SHIFTBIO INC, was invited as a speaker at the ‘4th Annual Exosome Based Therapeutic Development Summit held from October 4th to October 6th, 2022. Dr. Nam shared the promising future of SHIFTBIO INC’s main pipeline, SBI-102, and their de novo platform technologies, Maxisome, InProDel, and Fusosome.


Dr. Nam presented the preclinical data of the multifunctional nanovesicle pipeline (SBI-102). Data from SBI-102 showed a novel strategy that could simultaneously promote the removal and regeneration of pathological lesions. Furthermore, Dr. Nam introduced unique driving strategies tailored to SHIFTBIO INC's needs, such as large-scale manufacturing process development, the regulatory process for FDA, clinical study designing, and IP portfolio management.

After the conference, Dr. Nam mentioned. "I now realize we are close to overcoming problems that were once impossible. The rapid development of extracellular vesicle-based (nanovesicles, exosomes, microvesicles, etc.) drugs and advancements in large-scale production and quality control technologies are assisting in overcoming restrictions from the past.


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