ShiftBio Co., Ltd. Selected as 2022 'First Penguin' by KODIT

3 Jun 2022

ShiftBio was selected as the 'First Penguin' in 2022 and was once again recognized as a promising startup and innovative company in Korea in name and reality. First Penguin is a system in which the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (KODIT) discovers and supports core startups that are expected to grow in the future by possessing innovative ideas and superior technology among companies within 5 years of establishment. Selected companies are guaranteed up to 2 billion won for three years and various benefits are supported.


Korea Credit Guarantee Fund expects future growth through 'ingenious exosome platform technology.' The Korea Credit Guarantee Fund said, "First Penguin is a company that takes on the current uncertainty and boldly takes on challenges, like the penguins that jumped into the sea for the first time in a group." It is a representative startup support system that closely supports and fosters new businesses expected to grow as global companies."

ShiftBio said, "All the words that refer to First Penguin, such as 'innovation,' 'ingenuity,' 'creativity,' 'excellent technology,' and 'business competitiveness,' are precisely what our mission and vision is about, makes it even more meaningful.

In addition, CSO service also played an essential role in the selection of 'First Penguin.' The CSO (Contract Science Organization) service business, which ShiftBio recently started operating in earnest, is evaluated as a versatile strategy to manage the high risk of new drug development, which requires 3 trillion won in cost and 10 years or more. It has already secured several customers in South Korea. The CSO service of ShiftBio, which is currently only available in South Korea, will soon be ready to serve the whole world.

ShiftBio said, "Our research has no limits, but the goal is always the same. We would like to thank all those who believe in and support our vision of reducing unmet medical needs and giving patients a 'second chance,' and we promise to become a more advanced and advanced ShiftBio."