ShiftBio Co., Ltd. Exported Its Innovative Anti-Cancer Immune New Drug Technology!

25 Oct 2021

ShiftBio Co., Ltd. signed a contract worth 10 billion won (500 million won in commission, 9.5 billion won in milestones) to transfer exclusive licenses for LGP-S01, a ferritin-based anti-cancer immunity innovative drug to LabGenomics.

Related patent: Novel nanocages and their uses (KR 10-1953617, US 10,905,774)

LGP-S01 is a technology that blocks CD47 overexpressed in cancer cells, which has recently been attracting attention as the next target of anticancer immunotherapy worldwide. Research results have been published in Advanced Material Journal (Impact Factor: 30.849) under the title of "Nanocage-Therapeutics Prevailing Phagocytosis and Immunogenic Cell Death Awakens Immunity Against Cancer".

LGP-S01 obtained satisfactory results not only from the high efficacy but also from the results of verification of the non-occurrence of side effects such as anemia and hemagglutination.

ShiftBio Co., Ltd. will cooperate for the successful commercialization of LGP-S01 technology and will strive to develop other promising exosome-based therapeutics.