Inflammatory dying cells 

exacerbate inflammatory diseases by markedly elevating CD47 expression,
thereby strategically evading their removal.

SIRP-EV (SBI-102), Immunotherapy to remove the pathological cells 

SBI-102 pioneers the concept of immunotherapy, 

awakening the body’s innate immune system to amplify its regenerative potential. 

SBI-102 can be the game changer of the CD47 blockade 

Enhanced effect by CD47 degradation

High safety

Stem cell effect

The EV modality, unlike other drug modalities, possesses the inherent ability to generate therapeutic effects on its own.

SIPR-EV demonstrates high expandability in indication, 

Starting from a nichebuster for rare diseases
and evolving into a blockbuster for intractable diseases.

Inflammatory Diseases

Severe Alcoholic Hepatitis
Acute Liver Failure (ALF)
Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure (ACLF)

Fibrotic Diseases