Defending our Intellectual Property
by Patent Portfolio Strategy

A quarterly “FTO Report” is
established for securing rights.
Patent portfolio strategy
” is also established for potent protection of 
intellectual property rights. 

Patent Portfolio Strategy 

We protect our Intellectual Property Rights through Patent Portfolio Strategy: 

Establishment of quarterly FTO Reports to secure rights and a Patent Portfolio Strategy
for potent protection of intellectual property rights.

[Patent ]

Method for Displaying Therapeutic
Proteins on the Surface of EV

“Extracellular vesicle Sorting Motif”, a highly efficient technology in delivering desired macromolecules from cells to extracellular vesicle .


Partnered Pipelines

Entry into each country and build a patent portfolio. 

[Patent ]

Technology for Loading Therapeutic
Proteins into EV

Automatic loading of macromolecules in extracellular vesicles and maximizing intra-cellular delivery efficiency.


Novel Recombinant EV

Extracellular vesicles that fuse and edit specific cell membranes and deliver therapeutic cargos without damage.

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Letters / logo trademarks entered 22 countries including the US