Nanovesicles (NVs)
Natural Nanoparticles Produced by All Cells


Maximizing Protein Expression on NVs


Optimizing Cargo Loading  in NVs


Develivering to Targeted Intracellular Locations

SBI-100. Maxisome
Maximizing Protein Expression on NVs

Proteins cluster at the NV membranes to maximize biological activity, expression of which is propotional to the efficacy

NV Sorting Motif, a highly efficient technology exceeding competitive techniques in delivering desired macromolecules from cells to NVs.

SBI-200. InProDel
Optimizing Therapeutic Cargo Loading in NVs

InProDel facilitates the natural loading of therapeutic cargos into nanovesicles in free-form and avoids the endolysosomal pathway through the use of fusogenic peptides. This innovative approach significantly enhances the rate of intracellular drug delivery

SBI 300. Fusosome
Delivering Drugs to Targeted Intracellular Locations


Transplanting membrane protein

Implanting the specific proteins on the
targeted plasma membrane

Improving the responsiveness of existing
targeted therapeutics


Inserting ‘Enemy signals’
on the cancer cell membrane

Induction of potent anti-cancer
immunity in vivo 

Cytoplasmic Delivery 

Avoid endolysomal pathway and deliver

therapeutic genes and proteins
into cancer cells