Development of Fusosome
that can specifically fuse with cancer cell surfaces

# Protein transplantation (A) 

Transplants the proteins of interest on the cancer cell membrane

We developed the fusosome technology that can insert the desired protein onto the cancer cell surfaces.

# Xenogenization (B) 

Inserts ‘enemy signals’ on the tumor cell membrane

Xenogenizing (turning self to non-self) tumors by using Fusosome can introduce ‘enemy signals’ onto the tumor cell surface, resulting in the activation of surrounding immune cells

# Cytoplasmic delivery 

Effective protein and drug delivery into the cancer cytoplasm

Our Fusosome can effectively transfer proteins and drugs into the cytoplasm, leading to cancer cell death.

Our Fusosome is a platform technology
 that can deliver therapeutic proteins, small RNA, and transcription factors 
which are ‘undeliverable’ into cancer cells so far.